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How to figure out the Confettis you will need?

In Weddings, the candy in the favors must be a single number,

Because this is the symbol of the couple's indifference!

In the Baptisms there is no rule that determines whether the number of Confetti will be single or even,

Is at the choice of everyone.

Opinions, however, vary in this regard. Some mention number 5,

Which symbolizes Health, Happiness, Longevity, Abundance and Fertility.

Others support number 7, which symbolizes good luck during the married couple's marriage.

If you remain confused think about your bonbonier and how many confetti it fits.

For example, if you want to make 500 bonboniers and each contains 5 Confetti you will need:

500 x 5 = 2500 Confetti

-The Splash Confetti contain 200 pieces / kilogram, so you will need:

2500/200 = 13 kg

- The Snob Confetti contain 180 pieces / kg, so you will need:

2500/180 = 14 kg