You want the wedding of your dreams, and only God knows how.

    You ve chosen:

  • your soul mate
  • the wedding dress of your dreams
  • the area, of your dreaming wedding reception
  • the greatest menu for your guests

    What about a confetti that it will be unforgetable?

    Now you have the opportunity, with no extra cost, to make your confetti unique with 4 moves:

    1. Choose from the 12 Top Crispo Flavors

    2. Ask for #Crispaki *

    3. Use it on your confetti, and make it famous right away.

    * What is #Crispaki?      

    It is a rounded duplex card, which in the one side

    hosts the logo of Crispo.

    Ask for #Crispaki now! Glam, Finesse and style will

    be the characteristic of your greatest moment.


    Taste of Greatness