The created by Gamilio company having as main objective to offer to the Greek consumers, the ability to view, select, and order easily and simply, original and quality products for Wedding, Baptism, Event, Children's party in the most competitive prices of the Greek Market.

Our vision is to offer the consumer a wide variety of products of high quality at competitive prices. We were able to realize that our target mainly these two parameters.

We chose our products from recognized companies abroad (Italy and Germany). We visited factories, tested, test them, and chose for you a variety of really delicious products of the following brands.

1. Crispo Confetti srl (Italy): The largest dragee production company in Italy, with modern facilities and export activity in many countries. Producing sugar-coated flavors "Snob" which we consider the most tasty confetti we tried.
2. Maxtris Confetti (Italy): high quality Sugared mainly chocolate, colorful, speckled, etc.. For the production of genuine chocolate used.
3. Agilus Dragees (Germany): Sugar products in huge variety (Pebbles, pebbles, gravel, Drops) in flavors that will impress you.

When you have the possibility of choice and have the possibility of comparison. So the enables the Greek consumer to try something different, to know, to choose, taste and compare our products with all similar Greek origin. For this reason we have created and our product report, which you can visit to taste, choose and buy the product you want.
In the area of ​​dragee primacy list maintained by Italy, which has a tradition in the production and design. The idea for the design of dragee comes to Italy and moved around the world (eg flavored chocolate bonbons). This specificity has led us to investigate the Italian market and to choose the most reliable companies and the best and most tasty bonbons.
Each product package you will receive will be sealed and will appear in this expiry date, ingredients, and storage conditions. So you can be sure that the product you purchase is fresh and that it will remain unchanged until its expiry date if you keep the prescribed conditions.

Our Goal is to surprise you with new products and new trends.