Confetti Maintenance

Confetti Maintenance

5 Tips for Candy

Maximum Life and Invariant Flavor

1. The dragees have a maturity date of 9 to 12 months after production.

Produced in Italy and stored in sealed airtight containers in our company's excellent facillities to preserve the flavor and freshness.



2. Confetti must kept in a dry and cool environment without humidity with temperatures up to 25 ° C.

They must not being put in the refrigerator humidity. The sharp change in temperature creates expansion and contraction within content particular in chocolate dragee,

resulting in cracks generated on the outer sugar coating. In no case during a high temperature should not move the item in space that has a large temperature difference e.g. (From hot to cold).

3. High temperature greater than 30 ° C, causing cracks in the outer dragee or stains on the surface, from the oil, fat chocolate and the almonds.

Their storage or display space should be controlled for temperature and exposure to sunlight.


4. Humidity, the biggest enmey of all food. The place where the product is stored or displayed should be dry and checked at regular intervals the level of humidity. Moisture deposited on the outer

surface and as the sugar has pores and absorbs the problem begin with the molding and yellowing as well as the occurrence of animal organisms.


5. Frequent touch of candies with bare hands should be avoided, as there is a risk to transfer moisture and oil on the surface.